"Physical education is about pupils learning about themselves: their capabilities, their potential and their limitations. It is the foundation of all sports participation, but it goes beyond the individual and understanding themselves - it's learning about how to work with and to respect others."

Lucy Pearson, English cricketer and teacher.

Sport is an essential and integral part of school life at Hurlingham, both within the curriculum and as part of our extensive extra-curricular programme. Boys and girls are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability in an enjoyable atmosphere using innovative and dynamic teaching. All sport and exercise is taught by sports specific staff that have a passion for sport and most importantly a desire to inspire children

During games lessons the main sports are football, rugby, cricket and athletics for boys and netball, hockey, cricket and athletics for girls. Within the PE curriculum children also enjoy a gymnastics, dance and fitness programme throughout the year. Additionally, our extra-curricular programme during the school week, weekends and holidays also allows pupils to access many other sports and activities including cross-country, triathlon, golf, tennis, table tennis, karate, ballet, rock-climbing, adventure climbing, yoga and ultimate frisbee.

At Hurlingham we firmly believe in inclusion. All pupils in Form III and above have the opportunity to represent teams in matches against other schools from around the borough and in numerous regional competitions. We are proud of our successes with regular sporting triumphs in the core sports of football, rugby, netball and hockey. Within school, there are also many House competitions in all major sports towards the end of each sporting term. 

Pupils in Form III and above also have the opportunity to enjoy the thrills, challenges and adventures of multi-activity residential courses that we offer throughout the UK and France. The duration of trips lengthen from a one night stay in Form III up to four nights in Forms V & VI with a view of ‘inspiring a lifetime of adventure’ Residential trips can inspire children through introducing them to new and exciting activities and to encourage them to develop new skills and talents that will help them personally and professionally as they journey towards adulthood.

We believe that it is our job to inspire children and help them discover a love and passion for exercise, whether in sport, dance or an alternative activity. We want to help them leave Hurlingham with confidence in their physical skills and capabilities so that they pursue an active lifestyle and sporting challenges throughout their future education and adult lives.