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The fees for 2018-19 will be:

Hurlingham Pre-Prep                         £4,778 per term (includes lunch)

Hurlingham Nursery – fees per term

Morning sessions run from 8.15am to 12pm (collection will be staggered between 12-12.15pm) and the afternoon sessions from 12pm to 3.45pm. 

1 morning        £570                           1 afternoon      £570

2 mornings       £1,140                      2 afternoons    £1,140

3 mornings       £1,710                      3 afternoons    £1,710

4 mornings       £2,280                      4 afternoons    £2,280

5 mornings       £2,850                      5 afternoons    £2,736 (includes Friday afternoon discount)

Ad hoc sessions will be charged at £60 each.

Friday afternoons are charged at £456 per term, (a £114 reduction per term will be applied to the overall session charge for any pupils attending a Friday afternoon session).

1 full day          £1,140

2 full days        £2,280

3 full days        £3,078 (includes 10% discount on overall session charges)

4 full days        £4,104 (includes 12% discount on overall session charges)

5 full days        £4,748 (includes 15% discount on overall session charges)

Lunches are offered to all nursery pupils attending full day or afternoons sessions.  The cost of these is included within the ‘additional services package’ for all pupils receiving 15 or 30 hours universal funding.  Lunches are charged at £5 per day for any nursery pupils who do not qualify for funding.

The third and fourth child sibling discount is 20% for all families with three or more children at either Hurlingham Nursery and Pre-Prep and/or Hurlingham School simultaneously. 

Breakfast Club (Monday to Friday 7.30 – 8.10am including food) 

5 days per week £300 per term

1 day per week £60 per term

Ad hoc sessions £7 each.

Tea Club (Monday to Thursday from 3.45pm - 6pm and will including a hot meal, activities and homework supervision for Year 1 and 2)

1 days per week £180 per term.

4 days per week £576 per term (includes 20% discount)

Ad hoc sessions £18 each.     


For Nursery, we require an acceptance fee of £2000 on acceptance of a place. This £2000 then forms their deposit. 

For children joining Pre-Prep, we require a  deposit of £3000 paid in 2 instalments. An acceptance fee of £2000 on acceptance of a place in September the a balance payment of £1000 in mid-January. For any children transferring from nursery to Pre-Prep we require a top-up of £1000 on acceptance of the place.

The deposit will form part of the general funds of the School and we hold it until the end of the pupil’s last term when, once all other commitments have been met, we refund it (without interest) by cheque or bank transfer if requested to do so.

Notice of Withdrawal

We require one full term's notice in writing to the Head on or before the first day of term of the intended withdrawal of a pupil. Failing this, fees for the following term are payable in full. No exceptions can be made to this rule.