We offer a wide and varied curriculum supported by a range of teaching methodologies, which stimulate interest, promote creativity and help the children to think critically and learn independently.

The curriculum is challenging and targeted so every child learns at their own pace to ensure they reach their full potential. Children learn to work co-operatively and independently and all are encouraged to reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum.

English and maths are the core of the curriculum with history, science, geography, art and design, ICT, PHSE and RE linked though cross-curricular topics. Music, drama and all sports are taught by specialist teachers.


Sport is a vital part of our timetable at Hurlingham Nursery and Pre-Prep. Every week the children visit the Putney Lawn Tennis Club, Rocks Lane Sports Ground and the Putney Leisure Centre for lessons in:

  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rounders
  • Hockey
  • Team games
  • Swimming

Additionally the children have weekly dance lessons at school, which help enhance their motor skills, spatial and physical awareness. All these activities are under the supervision of specialist teachers.

Trips and Events

Learning at Hurlingham Nursery and Pre-Prep is enriched by outings to a wide variety of venues including the Science Museum, the Golden Hinde, the Royal College of Music, Kew Gardens, Holly Lodge Richmond and Tate Modern. The school benefits greatly from our close proximity to so many wonderful cultural resources.

On these trips the children gain valuable practical experience ranging from den-building, minibeast hunting and map-reading to spending the day as a sailor aboard the Golden Hinde. All of these are tremendously popular with the children who usually vote the most recent outing as ‘the best ever!

We also invite a wide variety of visitors into our school. These include theatre groups, museum outreach workshops, story-tellers, musicians, puppet shows, a mobile planetarium and animal handling groups. This wide variety ensures that even our youngest children are stimulated by wide-ranging experiences without leaving the security of their familiar environment.

At the end of each year our Drama and Music Departments produce an amazing performance involving all the children from the Pre-Preparatory. This is a chance for every child to shine, watched by their parents at the Putney Arts’ Theatre. We also celebrate Christmas with a Christmas Concert at the end of the Autumn term for both the Nursery and the Pre-Preparatory to which parents, grandparents and friends are all invited.