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School Policies & Important Documents

Admissions Policy
Anti-bullying Policy
Assessment, Recording and Feedback Policy
Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy for Staff, Parents and Visitors
Car Park Policy
Catering Policy
CCTV Policy
Cleanliness and Order Policy
Complaints Procedure Policy
As of today's date, no complaints have been made to necessitate the implementation of the Complaints Procedure during the past year
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Policy
Data Protection Policy
Deposits Policy
Drugs Policy
E-Safety Policy
Educational Visits Policy
EAL Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Fire Safety, Procedures and Risk Assessment Policy
First Aid and Medical Policy
Health and Safety Responsibility and Powers Policy
HS Privacy Notice
ICT and Computer Usage Policy
Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities Policy
Missing Children and Failure to Collect Policy
More Able Pupils, including Gifted & Talented Provision Policy
PSHEE and Citizenship Policy
Policy Regarding the Acceptable Use of Computing and Online Safety Including Mobile Phones
Public Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance Certificate
Pupil Record Keeping Policy
Reports and References Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment Policy
Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children Policy
Transfer Reports and References Policy for Pupils
Terms and Conditions

If there are any complaints or concerns, parents should speak or write as soon as possible to the Headmaster. For trivial matters it may be best to speak to the Form Teacher; they appreciate the support of parents and prefer to hear directly of any queries or worries. The school has long prided itself on the quality of the teaching and pastoral care provided to its pupils. However, if parents do have a complaint, they can expect it to be treated seriously by the School in accordance with its stated Complaints Procedure Policy above.