The Arts Faculty

We believe that well-educated children are well-rounded children, and confidence is the key to success in all areas. That is why our Arts Faculty is integral to everything that we do as a school.

Public performance characterises pupils’ experiences from the earliest of days, and the annual Christmas play performed by Reception forms a warm glow in the hearts of its audience. From that point onwards, the shows seem relentless: there are class assemblies, year-group wide “revues” (a Hurlingham tradition that both reviews learning and presents it in a revue sequence of performances), ballet recitals, karate displays and a show-stopping Year Six musical show that would not seem out of place in any professional theatre.

It is, therefore, no surprise that we have held the Artsmark award for many years at Gold Level, and we are the featured school for the primary independent sector in the Arts Council film, London Schools Talk Artsmark.

In addition to a large and spacious music hall and performance space, in which all children enjoy two timetabled music lessons per week (one of which is predominantly singing and the other is based around composing, performing and evaluating,) as well as numerous orchestral, ensemble and vocal groups- including at least one choir for every section of the school- our Arts Faculty includes music practice rooms and a bright and airy Art Studio. Specialist teaching in Creative Art and Design Technology is provided for all children from Year 3 upwards (younger children enjoy Art with their class teachers,) and every pupil achieves at least two certificates of public recognition in the Arts from the Arts Council. Of course, we provide opportunities for children to hone their creative skills wherever they may lie: during recent years, Hurlingham children have been successful in having their creative writing and journalism professionally published, and the writing every pupil of Reception age upwards features on at least a page in our annual paperback anthology of stories and poems.