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Fee invoices are sent out at the end of term, and fees are due and payable no later than the first day of term.

In the event that fees are not received on or before the first day of term, the following procedures will be followed:

Week 1:

A reminder letter and duplicate invoice is sent out at the end of the first week of term. This letter will also explain that an interest charge will be applied if the fees are not received by the following Monday.

Week 2:

A replacement invoice will be sent out towards the latter part of this week to include an interest charge of 2.5%.

Week 3:

A replacement invoice will be sent out towards the latter part of this week to include an interest charge of 2.5%. In this letter mention should also be made that if the fees are not paid in full prior to the half-term break, the child or children will not be permitted to return to School after half-term until the debt is settled in full, including any additional interest charges.

In the event that a parent requests leniency, it may be appropriate for the School to make a special allowance based on the individual circumstances which may allow for a longer period for payment or even a period of reduced fees in the event of serious financial hardship.We review fee levels once a year and parents are notified of any changes prior to the commencement of the Summer Term. Revised fees take effect in the Autumn Term.

The school fees include most items and textbooks other than school trips, music lessons, ballet and some after school clubs.

We require the payment of both an acceptance fee and a deposit which combine to form a sum of money, held on account, equivalent to one term’s fees at the time of offering. From the first day of the term preceding the term your child is due to start, the acceptance fee and the deposit are combined to form the full deposit. This deposit will form part of the general funds of the School and we hold it until the end of the pupil’s last term when, once all other commitments have been met, we refund it (without interest) by cheque or bank transfer if requested to do so.

We do not pay interest on deposits – the fees would simply have to be increased in order to finance it, and it would be subject to income tax. We do take this into account, though, when calculating the fee levels.

A pupil may be registered for entry to the school at any time upon completion of a registration form and payment of the non-refundable registration fee (currently £75). It should be noted that registration does not guarantee eventual entry to the school.

The following are optional extras

per term

Ballet lessons


Karate lessons


Occasional teas (Full)

£15 per day

Occasional teas (Post Homework Club)

£10 per day

Music lessons are charged on an individual basis and parents are invoiced termly by the peripatetic music teachers


Notice of Withdrawal

We require one full term's notice in writing to the Headmaster on or before the first day of term of the intended withdrawal of a pupil. Failing this, fees for the following term are payable in full. No exceptions can be made to this rule.

One term's notice is also required, in writing to Mrs Driver (admissions@hurlinghamschool.co.uk) for certain extras such as ballet, karate and music otherwise a term's fee will be charged accordingly.

Child Care Vouchers

Since April 2005 employers have been able to provide Child Care vouchers (CCVs) up to a value of £55 per week or £243 per month, free from tax and national insurance contributions as part of a salary sacrifice scheme for employees.

Hurlingham School is happy to accept CCVs from parents but, as ever, there are rules that must be followed. The HMRC regulations are complex.

Childcare vouchers can not be used to pay for private education, except for terms which start before the child reaches age 5. This currently mirrors the (separate) eligibility rules for provision of the Nursery Education Grant.

They can be used in conjunction with the Nursery Education Grant.

From age 5 to 15 childcare vouchers can only be used to pay for activities which fall outside the normal timetabled school day (this means the normal hours of compulsory education adopted by the school as appropriate for the age of the child); and on school premises.

To be clear, we are not allowed to accept CCVs for extra-curricular activity that take place off-site or during the school day including Saturday morning sports clubs. Neither can CCVs be used to pay for holiday activities run as private enterprises by individual members of staff.

Hurlingham School will, therefore, only accept CCVs for the following:

  • Part payment of School fees for terms which start before the child reaches age 5
  • Tea Club
  • After-school clubs which are included on the termly bill and for which payment is made to Hurlingham School.

In order for us to accept CCVs you will need to inform Mrs Driver before the end of the term before you intend using them.

Hurlingham School is registered with the following CCV providers:

  • Edenred
  • Care4
  • Fair Care Services
  • RG Childcare
  • All Save Childcare Vouchers

Computershare Voucher Services