Bonjour! ¡Hola!

At Hurlingham, children learn choose to learn either French or Spanish from Forms I to VI and both languages are taught as a taster course in Reception. Bilingual children are advised to study a different language from the one they speak at home.

Modern Foreign Languages are taught by specialist teachers and all pupils benefit from two lessons a week. The lessons are delivered in a fun and creative way using songs, rhymes, games and a variety of activities. Pupils learn to communicate effectively and practically, and develop a cultural understanding of French or Spanish-speaking countries.

In the Lower School, pupils begin by learning a basic range of vocabulary through songs and games with a focus on oral and aural skills. In Middle School, pupils are introduced more formally to the written language and grammatical structures and broaden their knowledge of vocabulary. Finally, in Upper School, pupils establish the skills, grammatical knowledge and vocabulary to promote and facilitate their further study of MFL at their next schools.

Learning another language is fun!

Apprendre une langue étrangère, c’est rigolo!
¡Aprender otro idioma es divertido!