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  • 07/05/20

    Hurlingham Nursery Now Open 50 Weeks Per Year

    A significant proportion of families are very keen for their child to remain in an academic nursery school setting during term time, but are in need of additional nursery supervision over the holidays. We understand that different families have different needs, which is why we are tailoring t...
  • 29/11/19

    Scooter Training

    The nursery children took part in some scooter training this week. We are always encouraging our children to be active and to either scoot or walk to school in the mornings. Now we are confident that the children are safe on their scooters too. The children learned how to stop, steer and be min...
  • 22/11/19

    Wonderful Weather

    Our Pre-School classes have enjoyed learning about the weather this week. They read the story Elmer and the Wind and used a hair dryer to create wind to test which objects they could move. They made their own clouds using shaving cream and using pipettes dropped water to make the rain. They have had...
  • 04/10/19

    Motor Skills

    These children are working hard to develop their fine motor skills and pincer grip. They are using the tongs to rescue the dinosaurs that have been trapped.
  • 04/10/19


    Our nursery children love coming to school and sharing books with their friends.
  • 04/10/19

    Exploring Numbers

    Children in our pre-school nursery classes are enjoying exploring numbers. They worked as team to recognise then order the digits.
  • 27/09/19

    Outdoor Explorers

    The children have been excited to explore their new woodland classroom in their Forest School sessions. They have enjoyed den building, tree climbing and gathering wood for their campfire!

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