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Parent Seminars

Hurlingham School, as part of its commitment to bring parents closer to the learning, runs an extensive seminar programme throughout the academic year. Its purpose is to explore salient and thought-provoking topics that arise in education, parenting and beyond. They enable parents, students and staff to learn about and explore current and challenging issues.

We believe that many ‘soft skills’ such as confidence, independence and resilience can easily be missed or not given enough attention, and hence, a significant proportion of our seminars focus on this key area of child development.  

Similarly, whilst mental health awareness is increasing, there is still some degree of taboo around the subject, and moreover, it is often over looked as an issue for young children. Our innovative new series in this area, tackles many issues, such as, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and sleeplessness, among many others.

We also handle more mature themes, such as, consent and issues surrounding this.

These talks allow parents the opportunity to learn vital skills, to enable them to broach difficult and sensitive discussions with their children, in an age-appropriate way.

We are extremely proud of our cutting-edge work in these various fields and hope in the future to allow our programme to be brought to a wider audience.

Current Seminar List:

  • Dr Maryhan Baker – Managing Child Anxiety and Emotions
  • Pam Cottman – Building Resilience: for you and your children
  • Carolina Mountford – Eating Disorders
  • Dr. Maryhan Baker – Consent – how we view one another.
  • TBC – Julie Johnson – Wellbeing and Flourishing in the 21st Century
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