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Beyond the Classroom

Hurlingham Enrichment aims to nurture and empower children to thrive in this rapidly changing world. Creative curiosity and collaboration are the pillars that guide our approach to education in a safe environment where we can celebrate mistakes and we learn from them. We encourage our students to think with their hands, learn with their hearts and use their intellect. They will discover how to think divergently in problem solving activities, find innovative solutions and build flexible mindsets.

Each child from Year 1 upwards has an hour a week of Hurlingham Enrichment. Our Year 1 and 2 pupils start on our Outdoor Learning programme which prepares them for our Enrichment programme which starts in Year 3. We believe that a class room does not necessarily have to have four walls so we utilise our outdoor learning environment. For example, our children will learn bush craft skills in order to teach them how to solve problems. For example they will learn how to make fires, create shelter, navigate with a compass as well as produce 3D printing designs and thus combine nature and technology to create learning opportunities.

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