Middle School

No Longer Feeling Like Primary, Hurlingham Evolves Into A Prep School Instead.

By the time children reach the age of seven, they are ready to leave Lower School behind them, and they move up into the increasing demands and challenges of Hurlingham life in Years 3 and 4. They still have class teachers, but discover that increasing numbers of subject specialist staff and facilities become available to them: for example, they produce their art in a specialist studio, taught by professional artists; their Science is taught in a lab with Bunsen burners; they are guided in their Drama by former stars of professional theatres, including the West End. In Year 4, they begin their Latin studies, guided by a trilingual classicist.

In Middle School, each curriculum subject has its own specific half-termly topic and children come to appreciate the demands of a timetable. Every day will include elements of Mathematics and English, accompanied by a wide range of other disciplines selected from Science, Computing, History, Geography, Modern Languages, Physical Education and Games, RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics),PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education), Music, Drama, Art, Critical Thinking and Citizenship.

All children at Hurlingham, whatever their age, enjoy a wide variety of learning experiences outside the classroom. Never is this more apparent, however, than during Year 4: they are always heading out somewhere or other! Recent visits have included Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, Bentley Priory Museum, Brooklands Museum, the British Museum, the Royal Courts of Justice, Chelsea Football Club, Pevensey Castle and Battle Abbey… the list seems endless!

At Hurlingham, the end of Year 4 feels like the end of Year 6 in many other schools: children are aware that they are coming to the end of their school lives characterised by one predominant classroom and teacher. They become very interested and excited at the prospect of what lies ahead in Upper School.