Holiday Club

The Hurlingham Nursery academic term of 34 weeks are identical to Main School however, we are aware that some families are in need of additional nursery supervision over the holiday periods. Hence, we also offer an additional 16 weeks of holiday club to allow parents to opt in for specific weeks required, without having to financially commit to a full 50 weeks a year (with the exception of the 2-week period over Christmas and Bank holidays outside this period).

Holiday Club is an exciting opportunity for the children to engage in fun activities and embrace the weekly themes and their learning opportunities.

Each week different themes will be chosen based on the children’s interests. Themes change each week and activities are planned around these, following the Early Years Foundation Stage learning goals and outcomes. Previous themes include Circus, Superheroes, Food from around the World, Science, Dinosaurs, Artists, Planet Earth, Sports and Fairy Tales. Additionally, there will be smaller group sessions focusing on mathematics and phonics.

Learning is continued in the outdoors during the morning and afternoon. Some of this learning will be through sand and water trays, bats & balls, Duplo, dressing up, trucks, arts and crafts, ride on cars and many other areas of exploration.

Other activities include cooking, science experiments, art & crafts, music, story time, drama, dance, yoga, gymnastics, obstacle courses and languages.

Children bring in their own packed lunch & snacks. This is an enjoyable part of the day where the children can sit, eat and socialise with their friends.

At the end of each week, parents receive a newsletter detailing activities that the children have taken part in, along with photos including every child.

What makes Holiday Club special is that it is run by our fantastic team of teachers from the Hurlingham Nursery. The most important thing is for the children to have fun, get creative and leave each day with a smile on their face!

A Typical Day in Holiday Club:  8am - 5pm  

(Flexible on drop off and pick up times)

Time Activity
8am - 9am Independent Play
9am Focus Sessions
9.30am Snack
10am Outdoor Explore
11am Morning Activity
12pm Lunch
1pm Sleep/Rest
2pm Afternoon Activity
3pm Outdoor explore
4pm Afternoon snack
5pm Home Time