Upper School

Now We Get Ready For Senior School Life

Between the ages of nine and eleven, Hurlingham children practise all the skills they’ll need for their senior school lives. Not only do we provide them with individualised, personalised education that prepares them thoroughly for whatever entrance examinations they are destined to sit, we also give them a school experience that mirrors the challenges that they’ll encounter once they’re living the next stage of their education.

The provision which we put in place, which ensures that every child gives of the best of their ability through encountering a carefully-engineered blend of challenge and support, was recently recognised and celebrated by the National Association for Able Children in Education through the award of their very prestigious NACE Challenge Award.

All subjects in Upper School are taught by subject specialist expert teachers, and children have access to all of Hurlingham’s remarkable facilities: the Science lab, the Music suites, the Art and Design Technology workshop, the Drama halls, the Dance studio and the Gym.

Hurlingham grows up with the children. It’s now indistinguishable from the best practice in secondary education, combined with the nurturing pastoral care which keeps a close eye on every child and provides support whenever necessary.