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Computing forms an increasingly important and exciting ingredient in our teaching throughout the school. There are more electronic whiteboards in our buildings than there are classes, a well-equipped and recently refurbished suite of desktop machines facilitates individualised access for every child and our many sets of laptops enable the boys and girls to increase their proficiency in programming devices as well as the independence of their research into a range of topics and areas of study. Computing is taught as a subject in its own right, and creative use of computing technology provides a valuable enhancement to all other curriculum areas. Pupils have easy access to a myriad of peripheral devices, from early days with robotic devices such as our Bee-Bots, to later efficient and effective use of printers, scanners, digital cameras and presentation devices.

Pupils in Forms V and VI undertake a public qualification in Computing from the OCR examinations board, five years earlier than its primary intended audience of 16+ students. To achieve their certificate, children complete a project to create an app using the Scratch or Python programming language, deliver a presentation about a development or issue in technology which they find interesting, and complete timed assessments on computer hardware, software, binary arithmetic and Boolean logic. The first cohort of Hurlingham children completed this course in July 2014, achieved a 100% pass rate and the external examiner commented on the “excellent coding and design” used within their programs.

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