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Computing & Digital Citizenship

Technology forms an increasingly important and exciting ingredient in our teaching throughout the school. Technology skills are so important for our children to learn and Hurlingham is continually investing in this area.  Our goal is to increase children’s proficiency in programming devices, as well as practical technology skills to give them the independence they need to further their education. 

Each classroom has a high-resolution screen or interactive whiteboard, children have ready access to chromebooks, with one to one access in Forms 5 and 6, and staff have personal touch-screen devices for use within lessons. Devices are increasingly used as learning tools within the classroom, to engage students in innovative teaching and learning. Emphasis is placed on building Digital Citizenship skills, to ensure students become responsible users of technology and the internet.  

Computing is taught as a subject in its own right, and creative use of computing technology provides a valuable enhancement to all other curriculum areas. Pupils have access to a myriad of physical computing devices, from early days with robotic devices such as our Bee-Bots and Cubettos, to microbits. Children also learn about efficient and effective use of peripheral hardware, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and presentation devices. 

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