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Parent Teacher Association

The PTA is a small group of parents and teachers that meet on a regular basis to organise events and fund-raising activities for the school throughout the year.

Primary aims:

  1. To bring parents and staff together through informal social activities, to support development of the school and help introduce new families.
  2. To raise money for the school to provide equipment, facilities and other educational items or services that would not be available from other funding.
  3. To decide on the most appropriate use of the funds raised.

The PTA relies on the goodwill and effort of pupils, school staff, parents and others to give their time to organise both social and fundraising events (not all events are held to raise money).

The PTA is always looking for volunteers to help out with events. It doesn’t matter if you cannot help on a regular basis or if you can only give a small amount of your time. It really is a case of many hands make light work, so please let us know if you can lend a hand and get involved. Contact the Chair of the PTA – Lisa Bouchier

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