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We have two bus routes on offer from September 2024
Southfields and Fulham Shuttle Bus


A limited number of bursaries are available to pupils joining the School with priority given to those wishing to join in Years 2, 3 and 4.  The majority of financial assistance is, however, reserved for existing pupils in case of unforeseen hardship or temporary difficulty, in order to ensure continuity of education in deserving cases.  Bursaries are means tested. 

When considering whether to grant a bursary the School considers a wide range of appropriate matters including, but not limited to, parental/guardian income (from all sources), assets (both real and personal property) and other matters such as family circumstances and matters which are particular to the child. The granting of a bursary is discretionary and each application is considered fully on its merits. Given the wide variety of individual financial and family circumstances and the discretionary nature of such awards, precise criteria which may lead to qualification for a Bursary are not disclosed and are confidential to the School.

The continued tenure of a bursary is subject to satisfactory performance and good conduct and adherence to the School’s Terms and Conditions in place at the time.

Please contact the School Admissions Registrar, Fiona Driver, if you require further information on the application procedure.

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