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Southfields and Fulham Shuttle Bus


Hurlingham School and Hurlingham Nursery are owned by Private Limited Companies: The Hurlingham School Company Limited and Hurlingham School Nursery respectively. Both companies have two directors; Fiona Goulden and George Duncan.  The Chair of the Board of Directors is George Duncan. However, the board member with ‘day-to-day’ responsibility for the overall running of the School is Fiona Goulden, George’s daughter. Fiona works on a full-time basis within the School setting and liaises closely with the Head, the Senior Leadership Team, the Admissions Registrars, Catering Managers and the Financial Controller to support and assist them in their duties.

The Head, meanwhile, has full responsibility for teaching, learning and curriculum development. School Development Planning is thorough and detailed, undertaken on a regular basis between the Principal and the Head.

George Duncan is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and attends a Board Meeting and an Advisors’ Meeting each term although he is not actively involved in the day to day management of the School.

The School benefits from a Board of Advisors, who meet termly with Directors, Principal and Head to ensure accountability, discuss ongoing issues and act as a sounding board.

The School is not a registered charity.

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