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  Reception Lower School Middle School Upper School
School Opens 8.15 8.15 8.15 8.15
Registration 8.40 8.40 8.30 8.15
Lessons Start 8.55 8.50 8.40 8.30
End of School Day 15.00 15.15 (Form I)
15:30 (Form II)
15.45 16.00
Late Sport Collection 16.15-16.30
Clubs Until 17.15 at the latest
Tea Club Until 17.30

Start of the day

School opens at 8.15. You will be notified of the time that each form is expected to arrive at school prior to the commencement of the academic year.

It is extremely important that children arrive on time. Younger siblings should be dropped off at the same time as the older child.


Assembly is often led by teachers or the Head but on Fridays throughout the Spring and Summer terms each form takes a turn giving a presentation to other forms. Religious topics, current affairs, school rules and items of general interest are covered. Parents of performing children are invited to attend.

Break time

All children have a mid-morning break. Children are given a drink of water and milk is provided as an option for Reception free of charge. Children of all ages are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit to eat during break time. Sweets, crisps, canned or bottled drinks are not permitted and our ‘no nuts’ policy must be observed.

All pupils then go outside for supervised play in the playground except during very wet weather.


We aim to offer a menu that is balanced, nutritional and appealing. A seasonal menu is planned at the beginning of each term. All produce is of a high quality, from a reliable source and is prepared on site in the school kitchen. The weekly menu is displayed on the notice board in the Avenue and on our website.

Please notify the school office if your child is a vegetarian or has other special dietary requirements.

End of the school day

Parents are expected to collect their child/children from school at the appointed times.

If arrangements have been made for someone other than the usual person to collect your child, it is essential that written notification be given to either the form teacher or school office in the morning. This requirement also applies where arrangements for a school run have been made.

You will be notified of the collection times for each form prior to the commencement of the academic year.

On the last day of each term Reception and Form I are to be collected at 12.00, Forms II and III at 12.25 and the rest of the school at 12.45.

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