"Physical education is about pupils learning about themselves: their capabilities, their potential and their limitations. It is the foundation of all sports participation, but it goes beyond the individual and understanding themselves - it's learning about how to work with and to respect others."

Lucy Pearson, English cricketer and teacher.

Having a healthy and well-balanced approach to life is fundamental to the education children receive at Hurlingham… and nowhere is that more evident than in the sporting activities that pupils undertake.

From an early morning Gym Squad practice to a late afternoon Running Club outing to nearby Wandsworth Park, children keep their bodies active as well as their minds.

A specialist team of professional sportsmen and women (including current, or former, professional players of football, rugby, hockey, netball and cricket) coaches and guides children from the earliest days. From Reception’s development of gross and fine motor skills, through to the Year 6 children’s extensive participation in matches and tournaments in all the major sports, Hurlingham is there- setting the pace.

And yes- of course all children from Year 3 upwards participate regularly in fixtures against other schools; of course all children have a choice regarding their specialist sports of choice, and of course there are never any enforced decisions made on grounds of gender. If those weren’t the case, this simply wouldn’t be Hurlingham!